* Dr Tim Obey - Bristol ChemLabS Teaching Fellow

Mr Tim Harrison

Tim graduated from the University of Leeds in 1982 with a BSc in Colour Chemistry. In 1987 he was awarded a PhD in Colloid Science for his work on the solution conformation of polyelectrolytes at the aqueous/solid interface. Following post-doctoral research at the Universities of Bristol and Pennsylvania he was appointed as the Bristol Colloid Centre’s industrial coordinator.

In 2003 he took up his current position as the School of Chemistry’s Teaching Laboratory Manager. Currently, Tim is primarily responsible for all first-year labs and for the analytical experiments in the second and third year laboratories.

Tim won the Award Recognising Support for Teaching and Learning for 2008/09 and the School of Chemistry Teaching Award for 2008 jointly with Dr Tom Podesta.

Email: Tim.Obey@bristol.ac.uk

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